Unofficial builds of the:

Django documentation for Kindle

These are unofficial .mobi builds of the official Django documentation, suitable for reading on a Kindle.

Just transfer the file to your device by Wifi, USB, or e-mail. For detailed instructions, see the Kindle support pages.


Last built: 2015-04-29 00:56:29 CET


First of all, create a new virtual environment and install all requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

The .mobi files are generated by first building an .epub file in each corresponding branch of the Django repository:

git fetch upstream stable/1.8.x:stable/1.8.x
git checkout stable/1.8.x
cd docs
make epub

And then running the .epub through KindleGen:

kindlegen _build/epub/Django.epub

A separate Sphinx theme for building .epub was introduced by this commit on the Django master branch. Without it, generating the .mobi will fail:

Error(parsing):E3013: More number of characters are hidden using display:none than allowed limit. Limit: 10000  in file: 10000 line: 10000

To apply the needed commit on older branches than stable/1.7.x or master, check out the branch and cherry-pick it:

git checkout stable/1.6.x
git cherry-pick 59d9b264745bb1a4736bb6df4dafb83049835483 --strategy-option=ours

Distributing the Django documentation requires the license to be included in the build. This is already the case with the above downloads. If you want to do your own build, you can apply this diff (but matching the version you are building) to change your local copy of the documentation to include the license in the built .epub:

git apply django-docs-kindle-1.8.x.diff

The above patch will also change the cover page to use an abbreviated version number (e.g. “1.6”) instead of one with a time stamp suffix.

EPUB files

If you are using some other reader that supports the .epub format, these are available for download as well:


These builds are experimental and work-in-progress. I just wanted to read the Django docs on my Kindle and thought others might too. Let me know how it works out for you, or if something is broken, so the builds can be improved.